EGA Process Serving – Background Checks

Preparing to conduct background checks
Whether it’s hiring someone, renting to them, or allowing them into your life in some other way, background checks are an efficient means of determining whether they are trustworthy. Checking to see if a prospective employee or tenant is providing correct information is an extremely important part of the approval process and can make all the difference.

The Importance of Background Checks

  • Qualifications – In a competitive job market, applicants are known to embellish their resumes in order to stand out among the rest. This results in them listing skills they don’t have, which can lead to poor job performance. By making sure that the applicant is qualified, you can make sure that your company is benefiting from a good hire. Education verification and qualification checks are an important step in pre-employment screening and employment background checks.
  • Ethics – By verifying the information provided by the candidate, you can check whether the applicant’s ethics are in line with yours. Background checks can also bring up past events that may not be in line with your values.
  • Safety – Safety is one of the most important reasons to conduct a background check – protecting other employees, students, or tenants from dangerous individuals is the employer’s, management’s, and landlord’s responsibility. Background checks can uncover violent pasts, and the potential for harm to be caused. Criminal background checks, in particular, can help avoid this. Additionally, incidents of hostile behavior, claims of sexual assault, and more can help you prevent a bad hire that will not only risk the safety of those around you, but also your reputation.
  • Theft– Whether it’s fraud and embezzlement or taking small amounts of cash from the register, background checks can help you weed out potentially troublesome employees and help you make more informed decisions during the hiring process.
  • Legality– Any injuries or damage caused by an employee can result in a negligent hiring claim against you. The burden of taking care during the hiring process is upon employers and has been established in courts of law, which is another reason why pre-employment screening, employment background checks and criminal background checks are vital to your hiring process.
  • Reputation – Even if there are no legal ramifications to your bad hire, the bad publicity won’t do you any good – negative press will ensure that potential candidates stay far away, leaving you to rebuild your goodwill from the ground up.

Background checks also apply to many different industries. Each industry has its own standards of verification and needs to examine different areas. For example, the transportation industry might require a Commercial Driver’s License Information System check, while the retail industry may focus more on criminal searches, and previous employment information and verification.

At EGA Process Serving, we make sure to conduct thorough background checks that target the specifics of your industry. These include:

  • Construction/Manufacturing
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Gaming
  • Landlords / Tenant Screening
  • Non-Profit
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Retail Sales
  • Subcontractor/Supplier/Vendor
  • Transportation Industry

A single-page free internet background check can do only so much. With the limited facts you get, it may be difficult to make an informed decision. Missing details can cost you much more in legal fees, lengthy trials, and settlements.

Background Checks Services

Our background check services can include the following:

  • CDLIS – Commercial Drivers License Information System. This is a database maintained by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.  A CDLIS check can reveal whether or not your candidate holds a valid commercial drivers license.  Information returned from this search includesDOB, social security number match, AKA information, license number, jurisdictional state and more.
  • County Civil Search– This check will provide civilinformation from a specified county such as family law issues (divorce, child custody, etc.), judgements from non-payment of goods, civil rights violations and more.*Additional fees may be required for access to certain courts.
  • County Criminal Search – This check will cover criminal history in a specified county and covers criminal history such as felonies, misdemeanors spanning the last 7 years. *Multiple names and/or addresses require separate checks
  • Education Verification – We will contact the school, college or other educational institution that granted the degree or certificate to verify education history. Information included will include dates of attendance, degree, major or program and graduation date (if applicable).
  • Employment Credit Report – To gain a comprehensive understanding of the applicant’s financial responsibility.This check reveals credit history including public records, outstanding debt, payment history, late payments, credit inquiries and more.
  • Employment Verification – Based on the information provided, EGA will reach out to former employers to verify the applicants employment with them. Information provided will include dates of employment, last position held and eligibility for rehire.
  • Federal Criminal Check – A federal criminal check will reveal criminal complaints brought by the U.S. government against individuals (defendants) for any violations of federal laws.
  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) – This information is compiled from an individual state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Depending on the state, information obtained can range from 3 – 7 years of history including license status, suspensions or revocations, moving violations, DUIs, point accumulation, chargeable accidents, court appearances and departmental actions.
  • Professional License Verification – EGA will verify with the state or federal issuing authority of individual’s license, certification or credentials.
  • Reference Verification – A representative will reach out and contact both personal and professional references provided by the applicant. Questions asked will include relationship, length of time they’ve known each other, joint work experiences and the overall character of the individual.
  • Residence Verification – EGA will conduct a national database check and compare it against the listed references to ensure accuracy.
  • Sex Offender Registry – Checks will be conducted for both the state of the applicant’s residence as well as of the national registry.
  • Social Security Check – This check can help verify the names and social security numbers of employees to ensure that they match records.
  • Tenant Credit Report – To gain a comprehensive understanding of the applicant’s financial responsibility.  This check reveals credit history including public records, outstanding debt, payment history, late payments, credit inquiries and more.

Make the smart decision and contact us for your background check needs.