Advanced Technology for Skip Tracing Subjects Nationwide

When you need to find someone, you’ll want an experienced company on your side.  EGA has over a decade of experience skip tracing with the capability to access several databases and provide detailed reports.  We analyze all of the reports and then start hitting up all relevant addresses with which the individual was associated with.  

*Not all subjects will come back with an accurate address.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is the process of locating individuals whose whereabouts are unknown.  Typically, skip tracing is conducted when a person is missing and/or has legal matters pending against them.  This process is conducted through a variety of avenues, one of which is social media investigations.

skip tracing and social media investigations

Social Media Investigations

After conducting a thorough social media investigation, EGA Process Serving will provide a detailed report on all findings.  In addition, you will be provided all links, pictures, addresses and phone numbers for the individual in question. To assist us in successful completion of this, EGA requests that clients send in a name, photo, email address, date of birth, last known location and/or any aliases.  We understand that you may not have all of the information requested, but would appreciate anything that you are able to send.