Process Serving in Western Maryland

EGA Process Serving is proud to introduce its professional service of process in Western Maryland.

Our company is veteran-owned and operated small business, founded on the principles of the Marine Corps with over a decade of experience in process serving.

We provide our expert process serving to law firms, organizations and individuals alike. Clients are provided with specialist skip tracing, if needed, and service of process by our expert process servers, who are all well-trained in the governing laws of service of process.

Our process servers primarily include ex-military and ex-police officers, who are experienced in handling a wide range of process serving.

Our Covered Process Serving Areas

Family Law

General Civil


Real Estate

Our Available Service of Processes

EGA Process Serving is the most reliable process servicing company and you can always depend on us for all your last-minute requests and rush fillings of service of process.

1.Same Day Process Serving – 24 Hours

Same Day Process Service starts the moment you request it and provide us with the necessary documents and relevant information. Our process servers will make several attempts within 24 hours and ensure every effort is made to successfully deliver and serve your papers to the right person.

2.Rush Process Serving – 2 to 3 Days

Process serving attempts are begun within 24 hours of your request of Rush Process Serving and the full submission of documents and relevant information. Serving attempts are made several times a day and every effort is made to ensure that the service is successfully completed within 2 to 3 days.

3.Routine Process Service

Our Routine Process Service can be completed anytime from the first week of the submission of documents and relevant information or later, depending on different circumstantial factors. These factors include inaccurate addresses, evasion of service, etc.

Our Service of Process

Our service of process is unmatched in all of Western Maryland, and you can be assured that you are getting the best return on investment with EGA Process Serving.

Here is a list of what we provide when you pay for EGA’s Process Serving expertise.

Due Diligence
Our process servers are experts in due diligence and always ensure no state or federal laws are broken in their attempts to deliver your papers to the defendant. This practice gives you the guarantee of service of process, the legality of which cannot be disputed in courts.

All Electronic Billing and Online Payments
We provide you with electronic billing and the ease of online payments for your service of process.

Real-Time Updates to Your Email
Our professional process servers are all equipped with necessary technologies that enable them to provide real-time updates of their attempts directly to your email address. We keep you in the loop with all the developments of your service of process.

Access to our Client Portal
Our Client Portal is an easy to operate internal portal for our clients. All our clients get private access to this portal and can find all notes and/or photos of our attempts to serve their documents.

Uploaded Documents and Affidavits
We provide you with the ease and comfort of uploading all the documents and affidavits necessary for the process.

24-Hour Responses to All Your Queries
Any and all of your questions regarding your process of service or related topics get a response and are answered within 24 hours.

E-filing and Court Filed Affidavits
We handle all your E-filing and court filed affidavits so you will not have to worry about filing papers in court. We provide this service for all Maryland-based courts and you can trust us to file all your papers in a timely manner.

Notary Service – Upon Request
If you request it, we will provide a notary service to authenticate and attest all documents that concern the process of service.

Other Available Services

EGA Process Serving goes beyond expertise in service of process and provides its customers with a wide range of other related services such as:

Courier Services

We understand the importance of getting your documents to their destination on time and our efficient courier service is always available to you.

Legal Courier Services

All your confidential and time-sensitive legal documents are professionally delivered to Maryland courthouses, agencies and businesses by our trusted legal couriers.

Court Filing Services

When required, we service our clients with court filings of all Maryland-based courts, making the court filing process an effortless practice.

Affidavit Preparation Services

Not only do we deliver your court filings, but we also provide you with preparation of your affidavits with attention to detail and an expert level of care. Moreover, all affidavits of service filed in the state of Maryland are filed for free, including MDEC filings.

Skip Tracing Services

Finding people is difficult and we have over a decade of experience in skip tracing. We access several databases to analyze detailed reports and then begin visiting all relevant addresses. We provide you all detailed reports including social media investigation reports.

Stakeout & Sting Services

Our military and police background allows us to serve even the stealthiest of defendants who are evading process servers. If they are evasive enough and cannot be located with skip tracing, we provide you with stakeout and sting services after careful analysis of available information on defendants.

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