Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Being Served With Legal Documents

When you receive a legal document, it is essential to know what to do. Your first instinct might be to avoid being served with these legal documents because of embarrassment or confusion about how this will impact your life. The truth is that there are many benefits of being served, and we recommend that you not avoid this process. This blog post will go into a few reasons why.

What Is A Process Server?

A process server is a trusted third party that guarantees legal papers are delivered to the intended recipient(s), and they will inform them of the contents. A Maryland process server will deliver a signed statement, certificate, or affidavit to the defendant stating when, where, and how the paper was served.

What Happens if a Process Server Can’t Serve You?

The law allows for specific alternative methods to be used if standard service fails. These include publishing notices in newspapers and being served by certified mail or commercial courier services. If this happens, you will receive less information than if proper service were made. The case can move forward without your knowledge until it is too late, you may face serious consequences.

The Right To Enter Your Property

Process servers have the legal right to enter the property  but not your interior of home or apartment to serve you with legal documents. Process server can enter your business at any time with the permission of the manager. While you might be inclined to avoid being served by pretending that no one is home or running away, this can lead to an evasion of service.

The Right to Defend Yourself

The primary purpose of a process server is to notify you of the lawsuit and provide you with an opportunity to defend yourself in court. If you want to have any chance of getting an innocent verdict, you must acquire the papers from a process server and respond accordingly.

Maryland Process Server

If you are being served with a legal document, do not avoid the process server. You have the right to defend yourself in court against any allegations made by another party. If you fail to appear, the court will never hear your side of the story.

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