Service of Process

Service of Process | EGA Process Serving, a Maryland based process serving company

EGA Process Serving is centrally located between Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  We provide clients with skip tracing and service of process from coast to coast of every court or its jurisdiction.   All of our process servers are prior military, police, or have been trained to know the law governing service of process.

EGA Process Serving, a process serving company you can rely on.

  • Same Day Process Serving (24 hours)

  • Rush Process Serving (2 – 3 days)

  • Routine Process Serving

We expertly handle all rush filings and last minute requests.

Same Day Process Serving

A request for same day process serving is started and attempted several times within a 24 hours, beginning from when the documents and all relevant information is received.  During this time, we will make every effort to successfully serve your documents.

Rush Process Serving

A request for rush process serving is attempted within one day after we receive the documents and all relevant information and is attempted several times per day.  EGA makes every effort to ensure your documents are successfully served within two to three days.

Routine Process Serving

A request for routine process serving can be served anywhere from the first week that the documents and all relevant information is received or longer, depending on numerous factors – such as incorrect addresses, the person is evading service, etc.

What's included in our process serving?

Our service fees include:

  • Due diligence

  • Electronic billing and online payments

  • Real time updates that are sent to your e-mail

  • Access to EGA’S client portal that has all of the notes and/or photos of our attempts

  • Uploaded Documents & Affidavits 

  • EGA offers 24 hour answers to your questions

  • E-Filing & court filed affidavits 

  • Notary service – upon request

All of our process servers are equipped with technology enabling them to post real-time updates on your service of process.

Dealing with someone you can’t locate? Learn About Our Skip Tracing Services.

EGA is experienced in handling a wide range of process serving

Real Estate Process Serving

  • Foreclosure documents

  • Eviction notices

  • Landlord/tenant documents

  • Homeowners Association

  • Bank levies

  • Subpoenas / Show Cause Orders

Family Law Process Serving

  • Divorce papers

  • Custody documents

  • Child support

  • Visitation papers

  • Subpoena / Show Cause Orders

Government Process Serving

  • Local courts

  • Federal courts

  • Government agencies

  • Police departments

  • Municipalities

  • Jail / Detention Facilities

  • Subpoenas / Show Cause Orders

General Civil Process Serving

  • Summons & complaints

  • Small claims cases

  • Government disputes

  • Employment issues

  • Garnishments / Injunctions

  • Subpoena / Show Cause Orders