How To Perform An Employment Background Check

Employment background checks are necessary when you’re hiring an employee for your organization. Simply because a candidate seemed nice to talk to does not necessarily mean everything’s okay! Besides, apart from having peace of mind, it is also mandatory to carry out an employment background check according to the federal government.


If you haven’t performed one before, you’ve clicked on the right article! Carrying out an employment check can be easy when you’re aware of the process’s essential steps.

1.     Create a Consistent Policy

The best way you can document this is through a flow chart. This way, every person involved in the process can know at which stage you are and what is left. Having a consistent policy is vital since it can inform the candidate of your true intentions. Once you’re done creating the background check policy, your organization can easily extend the validity period of a job offer, or you can even rescind an offer.


But with that said, a background check policy isn’t only designed for the benefit of an employer. Because of it, the applicant can know:

  • The legal complications of the relationship between the employee and the employer
  • How and why an applicant can be disqualified if they have a criminal record
  • The department in the organization that can be held responsible for the hiring procedure

2.     Mistakes Can Happen

After you get the information from the employment background check, you might find some causes of worry in the data. However, there can be mistakes, too! First and foremost, talk to them about it and confirm if the case is genuine.


No one wants to lose a good job candidate because of an unnecessary mistake!

3.     Ensure You Have the Employee’s Consent

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), if you’re ready to run an employment background check on your employee, make sure you clearly ask for their consentThe consent form has to be separate from the job application form, and it should also clarify what kind of checks will be done.


The Benefits of an Employment Background Check

·        Ensuring Workplace Safety

Making sure that the person you’re hiring is safe to be around can ensure your existing employees feel safe and secure.

·        Avoiding a Bad Hire

A background check can reveal certain problematic traits about a person. You can also know whether the employee was telling the truth about their history. If they’ve lied about something on the resume, they might lie to you again in the future!

·        Legal Costs

The legal costs of your business can increase if there’s an incident involving a person who has a criminal history. Save yourself beforehand by making the right choice!

Employment Background Check Services

An employment background check can help your organization dodge a bullet. EGA Process Serving can help you get valid background checks that you can trust. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options by calling 301-793-4336 or by sending us a secure message via our website.