Is Video Taping During a Serve Legal?

With new technology being developed and released all the time, is video taping during a serve legal?

The founder of EGA Process Serving is always on the lookout for what technology and information is going to improve serving our clients documents.  We strive to continually stay on top of the latest technology to help our process servers locate and serve your documents in a more proficient and expedited manner.

However, with new technology comes new questions surrounding the legality of it.  In this article we’ll talk about the laws in Maryland which governs video taping, taking pictures, stake outs, and the newest video doorbells.

Understanding the Laws Governing Process Servers

There are laws in place to guide the rules of process serving (aka service of process) in each state as well as federal laws.  As an owner we must study each law and not interpret the laws the way we want but in what it is intended to mean.  EGA Process Serving has a law firm that is on retainer allowing us to ask them exactly what each law means and how the law governs us as a process serving company.

The Legality of Video Taping Serves

Video surveillance is legal in Maryland to use as a surveillance video in your home, including on your porch or lawn, without consent from the parties being recorded.

For process serving companies wanting to video tape the service of process, it is illegal to use of hidden surveillance cameras in places where people expect privacy—these places include bathrooms or dressing rooms. Deliberately using video to record people in their respective private residences or in a private place without their consent is considered unlawful in the state of Maryland.

EGA Process Serving begins the video recording by mentioning the date time and the person being served along with the address while we are in the car.  Once the process server has an answer at the door the process server notifies the party that this service of process is being recorded, and if they don’t mind the recording.  Now remember if the person does not agree to being video tapped, we automatically state to the camera that we are now turning off the video and audio.

On stake outs videotaping is perfectly legal as long as you are not filming where people are expected to have privacy.

Real Time Updates

Clients want to be kept in the loop pertaining to their court documents.  EGA Process Serving has a website that allows each client to be updated in real time as we attempt service.

While some process serving companies may claim to have these real time updates, their real time is a generic standard that they all purchase from one company.  One size does not fit all, and you should expect better.  EGA Process Serving, wanting to set the bar higher, brought in a developer to create real time updates allowing us to add pictures, and video that is only used by EGA.

The notes our process servers enter has a date and time stamp showing when the notes were entered.  The client is able to add their own notes that allow our office and the process server to get real time updates from the client as well.

Excellency at Every Level

EGA Process Serving strives to be the best in the industry.  All of our process servers are equipped with printers in their cars so that they can print rush serves on the go, allowing them to serve your documents even faster.  Each of our process servers has also been equipped with tablets to use so they can update take photos, add notes, videos and make updates to the website in real time.

All of our process servers have been fully trained on the rules and regulations governing proper service of process and given a test before they can start working for us.  Unlike other process serving companies, we don’t share process servers with other companies.  Our servers are dedicated to the success of EGA Process Serving and our clients.

Baltimore Process Serving Company

Chances are, if you need court documents served on another party, this is probably a pretty stressful event for you – and we understand that.  Your service of process is in good hands with EGA Process Serving.  For help with your process serving needs, our Baltimore process servers are here for you.  EGA Process Serving proudly serves Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia.  Get in touch today by sending us a secure message via our website or by calling us at: 301-793-4336.