Should You Hire a Process Server or Sheriff

Did you know that a process server is far better than a sheriff at process serving?

Process of service is a delicate matter that is required by the courts in order for a lawsuit or case to proceed. It is not easy because people can be difficult to find at times. They would rather evade being served court papers to defend a legal case and this creates problems.

While you may think that an authority figure like a sheriff is a good option for process serving, in reality, this is not the case.

Let’s discuss this in more detail and help you understand why.

Process Server vs. Sheriff

Here are the main reasons why a process server from a trusted process serving firm like EGA Process Serving in Maryland is a far better option than a sheriff.

·         Knowledge of Process Serving Laws

A sheriff knows all the laws there are but a process server knows all the relevant local and state laws about the process of service. This means that where a sheriff might have a wider knowledge base, a process server specializes in process serving laws.

In any field, a specialist is always more knowledgeable than a general practitioner on a particular topic. This makes process servers more informed than sheriffs when it comes to service of process and therefore, more likely to practice better due diligence, which you want uncompromised at all costs.

·         Priorities

Speaking of specialists, a process server’s only job is to serve your papers to the defendant, whereas a sheriff has many other priorities. They prioritize thefts, break-ins and other crimes much higher than your process serving needs, which is exactly how it should be.

A sheriff will find your process of service something they have to get out of the way, eventually.

Whereas a dedicated process server, like those at EGA process serving, cares about customer service and your satisfaction is their number one priority. They are specialists whose only priority is serving your papers above all else.

·         Restrictions

Typically, a sheriff can only provide service of process for state or local cases, whereas a process server can provide federal service of process. This often gives them an upper hand over sheriffs because they are not restricted to certain cases.

·         Speed and Success Rate

Process servers are faster at process serving than sheriffs because they hold it as a priority. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, process servers have a higher success rate because they pre-plan and prepare their approach, unlike sheriffs, who just show up.

A uniformed officer of the law that shows up at your home with court papers in their hands is a red flag for anyone, causing defendants to attempt evasion. Whereas a process server will often do prior research and use disguises to blend in and pose no visual threat in their approach.

·         Costs

Process servers will give you proper estimates of costs and delivery times beforehand and accurate expenses after. Whereas a sheriff will only give you these after the service is complete, which is never a preferred method.

Maryland Process Servers

When it comes to process servers vs. sheriffs, a process server is better in every regard. Considering all of the advantages in process serving you get, including the success rate, speed, estimates and customer service, the winner is more than clear.

If you are looking for the best process serving, skip tracing or legal courier, the process servers at EGA Process Serving are your best option in Maryland. To get in touch, call us today on 1-888-565-7774, or fill out a form by clicking here.