Social Media Investigations While Process Serving

Social media is one of the most effective ways to know what a person is up to. That is because when you look at a person’s Instagram story or Facebook story, they’re practically letting you into their life on their own. While we have the habit of skipping past social media stories just so the annoying push-notification would go away, few people truly understand the power of social media investigations.

But it isn’t easy to deny that several things have become easy because of social media and the digital revolution. One of those things is skip tracing. Even the people who think they are smarter than the investigators leave out some pieces of information, making it easy to trace them when things go awry.

Social media can give you a day-to-day account of what a person is doing. So, if you’re trying to investigate on your own, here’s how you can start.

Social Media Accounts

Call them a visual diary; our social media accounts are small windows peeking into our lives one post at a time. You’re either sharing a photo of yourself eating something or being tagged in a photo that you didn’t like in the first place. No matter which privacy setting you go for, if you have a social media profile, the people on your profile will easily know something about you that you don’t want them to know. Even with minimal investigation skills, finding something about someone isn’t that difficult.

Look at Accounts of People Close to Them

Okay, so they’ve deactivated their account, but their best friend still has an online presence, right? We’re all the same in one way or another, which means we all tend to hang out with the same people. While the person who deactivated the account might have a reason to go into hiding, their friends are still confident and need their usual dopamine hit from Facebook likes.

Moreover, some people are wise enough to understand that a different name can give them a few additional days of anonymity. That is why people choose to spell their names in odd ways so that it is hard to find them.

Screenshots, Screenshots, and More Screenshots!

Finding information on social media during an ongoing investigation is hard. If you’re lucky enough to find something that might make your claim stronger – take a screenshot! It’s a race against time because while you look for stuff to help your case, they’ll be deleting stuff left, right, and center to protect their disguise.

Or who knows? Maybe they don’t know they left a vital clue out in the open. You never know when they might change their privacy settings.

Expert Social Media Investigations

So, if anyone you know has gone missing for a good reason, leave it to us to find them and bring them out in the open. EGA Process Serving has over a decade of experience in conducting social media investigations and skip tracing. If what (or who) you’re looking for is online, we will find it! Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs by calling 301-793-4336 or by sending us a secure message via our website.