Weirdest Laws in Maryland

For those who think that the only weird laws in America are those passed down from distant colonial times, Maryland’s laws are an exception. Maryland has a number of strange and unique laws that have been on the books for different reasons. It’s not always clear why some of these laws were even made in the first place. Nobody likes to follow rules, especially if they sound absurd.

Unfortunately, nobody’s exempt from these laws in Maryland — no matter how bizarre they may seem. The state’s legal code can be quite a fun read provided that the one reading it is highly unlikely to violate any of the regulations. Let’s take a look at some of these weird laws in Maryland!

10 Weird Laws in Maryland

Below are some of the strangest laws in Maryland:

  1. You can’t give and receive oral sex. This also applies to animals.
  2. You can’t search your husband’s pockets while he’s asleep.
  3. You can’t be prohibited by your landlord from hanging out your clothes to dry.
  4. You can’t eat while taking a dip in the ocean.
  5. You can’t buy a drink for female bartenders.
  6. You can’t do fortune-telling in Caroline County.
  7. You can’t curse while driving on a highway.
  8. You can’t grow thistles in your yard.
  9. You can’t wear a sleeveless shirt in public parks.
  10. You can’t take a lion to see the movies in Baltimore.

Are These Laws Still Being Enforced?

We know that it’s easy to have a good laugh after reading this list (and there are even more rules we haven’t mentioned, believe it or not!). After all, these things may make Maryland sound like such a peculiar place to live, but rules are still rules. The question is, are these weird laws in Maryland still being enforced?

Not currently, but technically, they still exist. So, if someone ends up violating any of these Maryland laws, they may want to have a highly competent defense attorney on their side.

What To Do When You Get Caught

Most of us may not be aware of these strange rules until we find ourselves or others already in violation of them. Often, hiring a top-notch attorney is the first thing that comes to mind, but one thing that’s often overlooked in these cases is getting the right people to handle the important documents: the process servers.

How a Process Server Can Help

A process server is certified and trained to serve legal documents for individuals, businesses, and government agencies. They provide a valuable service in today’s society by delivering legal documents quickly and efficiently. The last thing we want when involved in a lawsuit is to lose an important court document.

Your Reliable Maryland Process Server

At EGA Process Serving, our Maryland process servers have an extensive background in law enforcement and the military. They are well trained in the process serving industry to help you locate people and deliver legal documents. They provide timely updates while completing the process for you. For dependable process serving in Maryland, contact us today to learn more about our services!