What Is a Legal Courier and Why Should You Hire One?

Legal couriers are becoming popular in the industry, with a large increase of operators in the US. If you’re wondering why many are using a legal courier service, it is because they provide many benefits to make work efficient for your practice. Let’s look at their scope of work and the advantages they give.

What Is a Legal Courier?

A legal courier handles sensitive information that can put someone at risk when placed in the wrong hands. You can have these couriers pick up your documents and or e-mail them to the process serving company to have them delivered to the intended recipients. Papers you can send through them include:

  • Legal tenders
  • Contracts
  • Court papers
  • Passports
  • Plans and Drawings
  • Titles / Deeds
  • Documents for the Register of Wills

Their specialization and understanding of legal documents is what sets them apart from other services. They also often work exclusively with clients focusing on the legal field. They are generally preferred over the post office or traditional courier services.

The Benefits of Hiring a Legal Courier Service

Aside from delivering your documents, a legal courier provides more assurances. Here are some reasons why you should hire one:

Complete Records

A legal courier service needs to keep records of every transaction during a delivery. From the pickup period until it reaches its destination, you’ll have the record of the entire journey. That way, you know when the documents arrive.

Delivers On-Time

For most traditional couriers, your documents getting to the recipient on time depends on their overall workload for any given day. It isn’t uncommon for deliveries to get delayed by a day or two. With a legal courier service, they’ll make sure the documents reach the recipient on time. They understand the time restrictions come along with many of these vital documents.

Expedited Deliveries

If you’re in a rush to deliver a document within the same day, legal couriers have expedited services. They’ll prioritize getting the papers to the recipient on time. These services have a guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about them missing a deadline.

Faster Routes

Legal couriers use their expertise to get the fastest times possible. They do not go on circumventing routes because they have to deliver numerous packages. Each delivery is deliberate and lessens the risk involved during the transport.

Save Money and Time

You can reduce operating expenses by signing a deal with a legal courier service. At a flat fee, you get the benefit of employees and vehicles ready to serve you. It’s much faster to communicate and work with a dedicated courier. They’ll focus on your documents and take weight off your shoulders.

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