What Is Included In A Background Check?

Approximately 96% of employers conduct at least one type of background check. (source:

When employers or volunteer organizations place an announcement on job boards, they typically ask applicants to answer various questions ranging from experience to education and even criminal history.  With a rise in the number of applicants falsifying information on their applications, it has become more important than ever for employers and volunteer organizations to conduct applicant background checks.

Some of the more common reasons employers conduct applicant background checks include:

  • Safety for their staff and employees
  • Improving the quality of new hires
  • Protecting the company’s/organization’s reputation
  • Complying with laws or regulations

What Is Included In A Background Check?

There are many packages you can get from companies that offer background checks.  The question is what are you going to use it for, and why do you need one.

Here’s what background checks can cover:

Criminal records are searched from Sex Offender Registry, even Federal and State violations are looked into. These criminal charges you may have, does not mean that it will exclude you from obtaining that job or apartment.

Applicants’ education is verified in multiple ways. Companies and employers cross-check the status of the applicants. Employers often ask for authentic documents as proof of stated education.

Credit report are gathered from the three major federal credit bureaus for consumer reporting.  In the United States the 3 federal bureaus are Equifax / Experian / and TransUnion.

  •  300-570 credit score is poor.
  • 580-669 credit score is fair.
  • 670-739 credit score is good.
  • 740-799 credit score is very good.

A motor vehicle report is requested by you either bringing in a certified copy of your driving record or you granting permission for the company to run a search through the motor vehicle administration.

If you’re not sure which is right for what you need, EGA Process Serving recommends that you get in touch with us at (301) 793-4336, so we can go over a plan that best suits your needs.