What is Skip Tracing?

Do you have any pending lawsuit papers to serve but can’t seem to detect the location of the recipient? If so, you may need skip tracing services to help you locate them.

Perhaps, they left town or are intentionally evading detection.


Because numerous legal processes cannot move ahead until the parties are served with the proper paperwork.

This is where the role of skip tracer comes in.  Here’s how it can help you serve your court documents to move your legal claim forward.


What is skip tracing?

In a nutshell, skip tracing is:


 “the process of finding somebody to serve the documents for a lawsuit another legal matter.” 


Often people leave town or intentionally evade detection when they know severe legal action is pending. Skip tracing is typically used by process servers who’re seeking for people to serve them court papers.


A process server performs skip tracing by gathering all available information related to the person in question. The information is then assessed and verified to ascertain the location of the individual.


What kind of people are involved in skip tracing cases?

Such cases can include any individual whose whereabouts are unknown. However, few most common kinds of individuals involved in skip tracing cases are:

  • Individuals accused of fraud
  • Lawsuit witnesses
  • Default debtors
  • Defendants who’re evading detection
  • Missing estate heirs who are not aware of their inheritance

What kind of information can be found through skip tracing?

Process servers use skip tracing to locate an individual and provide them with legal documents that encompass the legal action being taken against them. In the quest to find an individual, skip tracers usually unearth the following kinds of information:

  • Phone number
  • Current address
  • Place of work
  • ID or driver’s license number
  • Social Security Number


These pieces of information can help the skip tracers to locate the person and deliver necessary legal documents for the case.

What techniques are used in skip tracing?

Most modern-day skip tracers automatically head to the web to start collecting information on their target, but another common technique that’s used is social engineering. It’s the art of cold calling individuals who may possess information on the subject.


This process utilizes an extensive variety of resources and databases to collect needed information. It will typically involve accessing the following kinds of resources:

  • Public record database
  • Criminal background checks
  • Phone number database
  • Utility bills
  • Credit reports
  • Loan applications
  • Driver’s license database
  • Job applications
  • Credit card applications
  • Public tax information
  • Courthouse records
  • Air travel records
  • Vehicle registration departments

Baltimore Process Servers

Skip tracing a great way to locate missing fugitives and even missing family members. If you are seeking to attain optimal results, it is ideal to hire a professional to do the job for you. Keep in mind that it’s better to hire a process serving agency instead of hiring an independent one as it is more cost-effective.


If you’re facing difficulty serving court documents to a recipient, you can count on us for prompt service. EGA Process Serving specializes in serving the impossible by utilizing comprehensive resources and cutting edge technology.


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